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The NEIU Strategic Plan

Strategic Goal Two

Academic Excellence and Innovation: Develop an environment that supports curricular and pedagogical innovation aligned with the mission of the institution, the standards of the disciplines, student needs, and career and civic opportunities in a global society.

Action Steps

2.1: Develop a Statement of Objectives for the Baccalaureate Degree and a Statement of Objectives for the Masters Degree at NEIU.

2.2: Review and revise general education based on national best practices and successful innovations at peer institutions.

2.3: Review and revise discipline specific curricula based on national best practices and workforce needs.

2.4: Support professional development opportunities for students through internships, international study, research, service learning, and career services.

2.5: Support and create interdisciplinary courses and programs based on best practices and institutional strengths.

2.6: Strengthen and integrate the University’s academic offerings at CCICS, El Centro, and the University Center of Lake County through traditional and non-traditional means of program delivery.

2.7: Utilize diversity as a curricular/pedagogical dimension integrated with global and cultural studies and throughout the curriculum.

2.8: Establish technology-enriched curricula to include hybrid and online courses.

2.9: Focus on academic programs linked to regional economic development and workforce demands for the global society.




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