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The NEIU Strategic Plan

Strategic Goal Three

Urban Leadership: Work collaboratively with educational, social service, governmental, and business institutions in Chicago and the region to build upon NEIU’s tradition of community involvement.

Action Steps

3.1: Improve preparation for higher education by working with K-12 schools.

3.2: Review and integrate the University’s outreach and community service functions, with special emphasis on the unique programs provided by CTC, CCICS, and El Centro, to strengthen our community partnerships.

3.3: Encourage and support research projects that focus on such contemporary urban issues as education reform, immigration, economic development, and the environment.

3.4: Strive to make NEIU, as a designated Hispanic Serving Institution, an institution of choice for Latino students.

3.5: Develop a brand for NEIU that expresses pride and conveys the University’s special attributes.

3.6: Implement a marketing and public relations plan to communicate the University brand to external and internal audiences.



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