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The NEIU Strategic Plan

Strategic Goal Five

Enhanced University Operations: Provide a supportive learning, teaching and working environment by improving operating productivity, physical infrastructure, and environmental sustainability.

Action Steps

5.1: Streamline and redesign operational workflows and processes with the intent of improving service quality and productivity.

5.2: Add a residential life component consistent with the mission of the University.

5.3: Identify locations and develop facility plans for future student service centers, such as a cultural center and a "One Stop Shop."

5.4: Invest in technology infrastructure to support academic and operational goals.

5.5: Ensure that all classroom, laboratory, office, student, and support spaces are appropriate to accommodate current needs and long-term growth.

5.6: Establish environmental sustainability as a key element of NEIU's identity.

5.7: Ensure that the University community is safe and secure; that facilities and infrastructure, including technology and critical data, are protected; and that plans are in place to continuously monitor and enhance campus security and emergency preparedness.



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