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The NEIU Strategic Plan

Demonstrating Progress in Implementation

How will we demonstrate progress in implementing the Strategic Plan?

The specific Action Steps included in the Strategic Plan outline the various activities the University will undertake in the next few years to achieve our Strategic Goals. We will analyze the Action Steps under each Strategic Goal to determine the areas of responsibility, timeframes, required resources, priority order of the Action Steps, and yearly tasks that help us accomplish the Action Steps. We will develop annual work plans and work teams (across units) as needed to move our Plan forward.

We will develop, using the President’s Council and the Office of Institutional Research, a limited number of key indicators or benchmarks for each Strategic Goal. They will be measured periodically and the results reported to the University community.

We will require unit goals and actions to be in harmony with the University Strategic Goals.

We will ask the University Budgetary Council to redefine its role to include an annual review of our strategic planning progress.

And we will provide yearly reports to the University community (e.g., the State of the University address) and the Board of Trustees on our progress.



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