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The Planning Process

In October 2007, the University publicly advertised for consulting expertise to assist in our strategic planning process. After a review of the submitted proposals, two firms were brought to campus for a series of discussions with the University community on how they could best assist us with our strategic planning process. In February 2008, Pappas Consulting Group Inc. was selected and has worked diligently over the past several months to assist us in the strategic planning process and develop appropriate Strategic Goals and Action Steps.

A major tenet of our strategic planning process was to be inclusive and open. This was done by having several public forums and numerous focus groups, and using technology to communicate to and get input from all areas of the University community. Public sessions and focus groups were held at all University locations. The University formed a Steering Committee of twenty-one faculty, staff and students, representing all campus locations, to provide overall leadership and communication. In addition, a Planning Team was formed that included eighty-two individuals, representing the Board of Trustees, the Foundation Board, and all University areas, departments, employee categories, students and University locations. The members of these two groups are listed in the Acknowledgements. The University expresses its gratitude for their hard work, creative ideas, perspectives, and commitment to the process and the University.

As the process began, Pappas Consulting was provided background data on the University and the region, as well as information about the work of the Illinois Higher Education Public Agenda planning and the NEIU Presidential Task Force on the Millennium Student. Pappas conducted a series of focus groups and interviews to learn about the goals and aspirations of the various areas of the University and to get an understanding of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, challenges, and values. From these focus groups, interviews and initial meetings with the Steering Committee, Pappas provided a planning framework, data compendium and analysis, themes, and developed a revised mission statement, a new vision statement, and strategic goals and related action steps. The initial Pappas drafts were reviewed, discussed and edited by more than 600 members of the University community. Numerous revisions were made to each document. A brief explanation of each item follows, as does the entire document with the various components. The revised Mission Statement has been approved by the NEIU Board of Trustees. The Board has, as well, endorsed the entire plan.


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